Reference No: 13-PR-04-DJ-RO,TR
A project co-financed by the European Commission
Lifelong Learning Programme - Comenius Regio Partnerships

Lifelong Learning Programme

Project Overview » Summary

The Comenius Regio project "Education and Career Guidance - Let's help the students choose a right career!" aims to improve the services for students' education and career guidance (students' ECG) in schools, in order to facilitate students' transition to higher levels of education or the labour market. The main category of the target group is teachers, but there will also be involved: directors, parents, students, representatives of the local/regional community. The proposed activities such as focus groups, job shadowing, conferences, training sessions and the results (a guide and materials for students' ECG, website-resource, training program etc.) will help to: identify the importance, relevance and quality of students' counselling and career guidance services; identify the needs of all stakeholders involved directly and indirectly in this activity; the development of teacher competences for students' ECG; reducing the distance between school and the labour market; increasing students' access to information necessary for proper career guidance in both partner regions (Dolj - Romania, Mersin - Turkey). We also propose to change the approach of counselling and career guidance activity in schools: this will not be an occasional or incidental activity and will become the responsibility of each teacher who will assume the social and/or external tasks.


1. General objective

Improvement of education and career guidance services for students (students' ECG) in school to facilitate students' transition to higher levels of education or labour market

2.Specific objectives

O1. Identifying the importance, relevance and quality of counselling and career guidance services for students from school and the needs of all stakeholders involved directly and indirectly in this activity (students, teachers, principals, counsellors, parents, local community representatives) from the two partner regions

Results: survey through questionnaires, 4 focus group surveys for: parents, teachers, local community representatives, representatives of educational institutions of different levels (secondary school, college, university), electronic research study

O2. Developing of teacher skills for students’ ECG in Dolj county - Romania and Mersin - Turkey

Results: job shadowing activities of teachers in the partner regions: comparing the education systems of the two partner regions, in terms of counselling and career guidance; content analysis of school programs and identifying opportunities offered by each discipline/area for students’ career education; reports on shadowing period; elaboration of a guide for students’ ECG and support materials; elaboration of a blended learning training program for teachers, conducting the blended learning training program with a number of teachers from different subject areas and assess its impact on the target group; accreditation of the training course

O3. Reducing the distance between the school and the world of work, opening the school towards the community and identifying its opportunities for students’ career development, preparing them for future "transitions" in their career


  • Focused interview with parents, business representatives/local authorities (county council, city council, work employment agency)/associative structures in the community (volunteer centers, parents associations, associations of village children, alumni associations of school and so on), in order to strengthen school-community partnerships, establishing ways to involve students in community life, identifying opportunities of community for involvement in students’ ECG, identifying examples of good practice, proposing practical activities, involving young people in local decisions, facilitating students' access to updated information about offer and market developments in local/regional labour
  • Focused interview with representatives of higher level educational institutions (secondary schools, colleges, universities), to identify the needs, requirements, and offers, establishing a set of activities to facilitate the exchange of experience and connect students to the higher education that they will follow
  • Participation of local community representatives in the three conferences of the project

O4. Increasing students' access to information for successful careers guidance

Results: a regularly periodically updated website with information and materials useful for teachers and students for an efficient students’ ECG activity; a discussion forum with sections dedicated to teachers and students and subsections for students' ECG and European projects/programs; a promotional flyer to promote the project and website among students and teachers from each of the two partner regions; a e-newsletter every six months with the status of project, results and latest news.