Reference No: 13-PR-04-DJ-RO,TR
A project co-financed by the European Commission
Lifelong Learning Programme - Comenius Regio Partnerships

Lifelong Learning Programme

Project Overview » Summary

A.1. Project management

A.1.1. Organising the teams
Time frame: August, September 2013

A.1.2. Work meetings Proposed date: September 2013 (regional), October 2013 (interregional - Romania), December 2013 (regional); February 2014 (regional), March 2014 (interregional Romania and Turkey), May 2014 (regional), July 2014 (interregional - Turkey), September 2014 (regional), November 2014 (regional), January 2015 (regional); March 2015 (interregional), May 2015 (regional), June 2015 (interregional - Romania), July 2015 (regional)

A.1.3. Establishing communication methods
Time frame: September 2013

A.1.4. Acquiring the necessary materials/equipment
Time frame: September - October 2013

A.2. Monitoring, evaluation and reporting

A.2.1. Establishing the monitoring, evaluation and reporting plan
Time frame: September 2013

A.2.2. Development of monitoring, evaluation and reporting tools
Time frame: October 2013

A.2.3. Creating intermediary and final reports
Time frame: maximum 10 days from finishing the activity

A.3.Creating the research study

about the importance, relevance and quality of counselling and career guidance services for the students and about the needs of all stakeholders involved directly/indirectly in this activity (students, teachers, principals, counsellors, parents, representatives of the local community) from the two partner regions

A.3.1. Establishing the methodology for creating the study
Time frame: October 2013

A.3.2. Designing and developing the necessary tools for research
Time frame: November 2013

A.3.3. Collecting information and interpreting the results - conducting the survey through questionnaire among students and survey through 4 focus groups with: teachers/counsellors, parents, local community representatives (public authorities, businesses, civil society), representatives of educational institutions of different levels (secondary schools, colleges, universities)
Time frame: December 2013 - January 2014

A.3.4. Establishing the study conclusions, creating the research report
Time frame: February - March 2014

A.4. Conducting the job shadowing activity

A.4.1. Establishing the methodology for job shadowing
Time frame: February 2014

A.4.2. Selecting the participants
Time frame: February 2014

A.4.3. Job shadowing in the partner region
Time frame: March 2014

A.4.4. Analysis of the two educational systems from the perspective of the students’ ECG activity. Analysis of school programs and their content and identifying opportunities offered by each discipline/curricular area for educating the career of each student
Time frame: March 2014

A.4.5. Creating the report on the job shadowing activity
Time frame: March 2014

A.5. Developing a guide for students' education and career guidance and support materials based on survey results and the results of job shadowing

A.5.1. Developing guide for students’ ECG
Time frame: April - July 2014

A.5.2. Creating the support materials
Time frame: April - July 2014

A.6. Designing a pedagogical blended-learning training program to develop teachers’ skills for students’ ECG

A.6.1. Creating the curriculum
Time frame: July – August 2014

A.6.2. Creating the course materials for the face-to-face and online training sessions
Time frame: July – August 2014

A.6.3.Developing the e-learning space
Time frame: August 2014

A.6.4. Steps for getting the program accredited by the Ministry of Education
Time frame: March - April 2015

A.7. Conducting the blended learning training program

A.7.1. Promoting the training program
Time frame: September - November 2014

A.7.2. Selecting the participants to the blended learning training program
Time frame: November – December 2014

A.7.3. Carrying out the blended learning training program
Time frame: January 2015

A.7.4. Evaluating the impact of training program
Time frame: February - March 2015

A.8. Promoting the project and dissemination of the results

A.8.1. Creating and maintaining the project website
Time frame: start in September 2013

A.8.2. Organizing the conferences for promoting the project and dissemination of results
Time frame: October 2013; July 2014; June 2015

A.8.3. Publishing the project results in electronic format
Time frame: February 2014, March 2014, August, 2014, April 2015,

A.8.4. Distributing the guide for students’ ECG
Time frame: September, October 2014

A.8.5. Promoting the project website and the forum
Time frame: September, October, November 2014

A.8.6. Creating e-newsletters every six months with the status of the activities and the results
Time frame: February 2014, August 2014, February 2015, July 2015

A.8.7.Promoting the project and its results at educational events
Approximate starting date: April 2014, April 2015, June 2015